Cheryl Bagangan

Certified Health Coach

My name is Cheryl and I have always been passionate about personal development from a holistic standpoint with a growing understanding that mind, body and our emotional state are of equal importance in our ability to age well!

With my guidance, support and expertise, your healthy choices will become habits!

Hi! I’m Cheryl Bagangan and I have been a self improvement/awareness student with a focus of service to others since my teenage years. After receiving my Bachelors Degree in Counseling from the University of Maine, my core value of making a difference led to serving in the U.S Peace Corp and many years there after in a variety of helping roles. Eventually through my quest for more personal growth, I became a certified yoga teacher. I taught yoga for several years where I became more grounded in helpful mental and spiritual practices but the opposite was happening physically.

As I entered my mid fifties my addiction to sugar and junk food, was really catching up with me, I was gaining weight, my cholesterol was borderline concerning and I unable to walk a lap at the local Y without stopping. Still eating the wrong types of food, I was determined to get active. Hearing about a local charity 100 mile bike ride, I decided that this was the perfect opportunity to combine my love for cycling (which I hadn’t done for years) and being of service with getting in shape. I completed the century ride which led to a sprint triathlon, many other short races, a duathlon and finally a half marathon. This getting active helped me to build strength mentally and emotionally as well and led me to pursue certificates in both life and health coaching. Learning about the four pillars of optimal health through my training at the Dr. Sears institute was like finding the missing pieces of a puzzle. Even though I was more physically active, I didn’t have a good understanding of RIGHT nutrition or keeping the big picture in mind; lifestyle choices, moving daily, my mental attitude and of course how I eat, I am finally taking off the weight with my new habits and mindset! Food addiction can still be a struggle but knowing that I am healthier and more vibrant at age 61 than I was at 31, helps me to get right back to those healthy habits, and seeing the changes in myself makes me passionate about helping other women experiencing similar challenges.

Cheryl is an amazing Human.  I have witnessed her growing and working on herself, along with a huge capacity to give, for over the last decade.  Cheryl is one of my great sources of strength, and anyone that has the opportunity to work with her, should grab the chance run with it.   I find Cheryl to be  honest and  fair, but very gentle with her approach.   She helped open a whole new world for me, and I am very grateful.